Sarka Electric Ltd., Electrician, Kalida, OH

Established in 1980

Why Sarka Electric?


Why choose Sarka Electric?  Because we are unlike any other service company in the area.  The team here at Sarka Electric is what makes this company so successful and unique.  All the employees here are exceptional in the fact that they learn all the trades here at Sarka Electric and not just focus solely on one aspect of this service business.  This allows Sarka Electric to be able to provide you with one stop service, such as, if on a chilly January day your furnace quits working, any of our servicemen could come to your rescue but then you remember you have a light in the kitchen that flickers, no problem, this same serviceman can handle that problem too.  We strive to provide our customers with exceptional service, superior workmanship, and the best possible products available to accommodate our customer's needs.  Our employees deliver trustworthy, professional, and reliable service on every call.


Trust the Man in the Shiny Blue Van