14005 Ohio 115, Kalida, Ohio
P.O. Box 356, Kalida, Ohio
Phone:             +1.419-532-3492
Fax:                 +1.419-532-3213
email: sarkaoffice@bright.net

Business Hours:
Monday         7am-5pm
Tuesday        7am-5pm
Wednesday   7am-5pm
Thursday       7am-5pm
Friday            7am-4:30pm

In 1980, Bob began to grow Sarka Electric Plumbing & Heating with a one man service van focusing mainly on electrical repairs which was started by his father Norbert Sarka and the business has since grown to include many different trades and many people. Sarka Electric was once operated out of a small building at Bob's home in the country outside of Kalida. In 2006, Bob built a new facility on State Route 115 just south of Kalida and now employs over 15 employees with 8 service vehicles on the road daily. Sarka Electric is proud to be a family owned and run business with Bob as the owner, his wife Karen, as the accountant, and a son and daughter also joining in.

Trust The Man In The Shiny Blue Van

To provide superior quality workmanship and excellent customer support to those who are in need of our knowledge and skills.

We...strive to provide our customers with exceptional service, superior workmanship, and the best possible products available to accommodate our customer's needs.  Our employees deliver trustworthy, professional, and reliable service on every call.

The team here at Sarka Electric is what makes this company so successful and unique. All the employees here are exceptional in the fact that they learn all trades here at Sarka Electric and not just focus solely on one aspect of this service business. This allows Sarka Electric to be able to provide you with one stop service, such as, if on a chilly January day your furnace quits working, any of our servicemen could come to your rescue but then you remember you have a light in the kitchen that flickers, no problem, this same serviceman can handle that problem too. We are proud to introduce you to our team.

Bob Sarka since 1980                                      Craig Shisler since 2013
Karen Sarka since 1980                                   Kelly Boyles since 2014
John Fisher since 1994                                    Tim Bullinger since 2015
Carl Siefker since 2002                                     Levi Hiltner since 2016
Jason Warnecke since 2002                             Paul Bullinger since 2016
Andy Sarka since 2005                                     Davey Wilson since 2016
Abby Sarka since 2005                                    Shawn Houseworth since 2017                          

Jason Moser since 2009                                   Brent Hoersten since 2017