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Established in 1980

Sarka Electric Ltd., Electrician, Kalida, OH


Sarka Electric offers new installation, maintenance, and repair for any type of existing home electrical systems.  We can also provide all electrical needs for the construction of new homes.  With the ever changing technology we can provide many solutions that make your home comfortable and more enjoyable.


We can provide electrical assistance for businesses of all trades, from office spaces to retail facilities.  We pride ourselves on being diverse and able to provide a range of services and products for our commercial construction customers.

Examples of our light commercial work include:

  • Hoyts Sweet Corner (Kalida Location)
  • H&K Chevrolet Buick (Continental Location)
  • Northwest Physical Therapy (Ottawa Location)
  • Ottawa Oil Shell Part Mart Station (Multiple Locations)


We also are able to service all the electrical needs for extra large facilities and factories.  Our service work includes everything from power distribution to lighting to process controls and line set up.

Examples of our industrial work include:

  • Bob Evans Foods (Lima Location)
  • Cooper Farms Cooked Meats (Van Wert Location)
  • Lakeview Farms (Delphos Location)
  • Verhoff Machine & Welding (Continental Location)


Staying true to the service that got us started years ago; we still provide service and maintenance on all agricultural setups.  From single grain storage bins for the small farmer to the large feed mills and elevator setups in the heart of your town.   Small to large motor rebuilds and repairs can be competed here in our shop.  Our experienced electricians can help build your setup from starting with the power supply and panels down to the complex wiring and control for gates, sweeps, legs, conveyors, and other sensors.

Examples of our agricultural work include:

  • Cooper Farms Hatchery (Multiple Locations)
  • Helena Chemical (Continental Location)
  • Kahle Feed Mill & Supply (Kalida Location)
  • Pandora Grain Co. (Beaverdam Location)